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Uploaded by Master0Gear

Recruiting active players level 60+
Anyone inactive for more than a week will be booted unless excused
Contact GodsBreath, Opacid, XxElite92xX, OmegaSoul, Raikon, or Majormiles for invite

Inactivity for 1 week will result in removal from Guild
Must be active, logging in and out before 1 week will not keep you safe from removal
Must follow the chain of command

Anyone who joins may request items from the guild bank to a ranking officer
Boss hunting will be carried out to gain good items
Group AFK grinding to gain lvls faster

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PvP Or Die, Jul 25, 10 5:05 PM.
We are now looking for recruiters. Anyone applying for this position must have time spent in the guild and shown commitment. Send me, Opacid (PvP or Die) an e-mail for application or talk to a leader in game.

Kingdom War Follow-Up

PvP Or Die, Jul 24, 10 8:04 PM.
Low turnout. Need more people to show up for KW!

This is NewLetter Time

Master0Gear, Jun 24, 10 9:18 PM.
If your reading this, then you are permanently a member of ParaBellum. That is until such time you choose to leave us. The first thing I should mention is that from June 20 through June 29, I, your dear and faithful Leader GodsBreath, will not be active or even logged in to the game except for one or two hours a day (maybe) to do guild and daily quests, and also to check up on you guys.  I'll miss you all.
Next, if you wish to advance your rank then do three things:
    1) GUILD QUESTS. Seriously, we need the bravery so people won't think we are wimps. They give TONS of experience anyways so even if not for the guild, do them for yourself. The day you reach level 81, you will receive 6 different quests so you will have 12 that day only. At level 88 or 89 you get a permanent 7th one as well.
    2) Activity. This will let us know that you are serious about the game, if not the guild.
    3) Interaction. This lets us know you really do want to be in the guild. Thank you very much for putting up with someone as useless as me. ^^

P.S. DarkAngel is making free signatures if you want to tag him for one. Just send him a site-mail.
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